Creating Your Own Mudroom

ss_mudrooms_ss1 Early in my IT career I was working for a home builder.  It was then I first heard of something called a mudroom.  It came up again when my husband and I were looking for a house.  We found a perfect one that had this GREAT mudroom (we eventually had to give up our claim on that house as our house in CA didn’t sell quickly enough).  So now we do not have a mudroom, but I’ve recently decided to create one! 

What a mudroom is, is a place to sit down and put your shoes on, or take them off.  Basically it’s a “runway”.  A place where people take off and land at the house.  It’s really essential to have this staging area to help you keep all of the things you need in one spot so you don’t forget things on  your way out the door.

You too can have a mudroom no matter what your home situation is (as long as you at least have a garage).  Pick a space in your garage for your “mudroom”.  Get some shelving or build some into the wall of the garage, make sure there are enough shelves for each person to keep their things.  A really good way to do this is to get some lockers (one per person).  I have a friend who said that she once found out about a school they were tearing down or rebuilding in her area, and she went to the construction site and asked if she could have some of the lockers.  They gave them to her for free!

Once you have shelves in place, then get a bench for people to sit on.  You can place all of the shoes everyone needs under the bench.

Finally, get some hooks to keep jackets, scarves, hats, etc. on. 

Now you have your very own mudroom runway!

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