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Traveling With Children Without Losing Your Mind

Do you have any fun trips planned with your family this summer? Traveling with kids can be a little stressful if you are not organized!

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Traveling with children can be both fun and chaotic. While it’s amazing to watch your child experience their first major car ride, plane trip or time on the train – it can be tricky getting everyone to the final destination. Staying organized is the key to success when traveling with children. Here are a few tips to make even traveling with a toddler easier:

Preparation Is the Key to Traveling With Children

Packing appropriately is probably the biggest way you can keep your trip efficient and hassle-free. You can only stay organized once you set out on your adventure if you have packed all of the things you will need. Consider your destination, make a list of everything you think you may need for that particular location. Don’t bring items that you certainly aren’t going to need. It’ll just add to the clutter in your suitcase and create more weight that you have to carry around.

Make a list of all items you will need during your trip, and make another list of things you can just pick up when you get there. Encourage your kids to pack light too. The less stuff everyone has to keep track of the better. Lastly, make sure you have lots of things for the kids to do during commute time – electronics, coloring books, reading books, etc. Half of the battle is going to be keeping them entertained while you travel. Think ahead mama, preparation is everything!

Everyone Gets A Bag

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Whether you are getting there via a plane, train, car, boat or some variation of them all, most likely you will be allowed to have a small carryon bag. Give each member of your family a backpack to put their favorite snacks, drinks, things to do and comfort items inside. If each person has access to all of their items right at hand, life will be easier for all involved. This will prevent the kids from asking you for their tablet or crayons a million times. Sure, they will still likely annoy you at some point along the way, but having all of their stuff close by will cut down on some of it.

Assign Tasks

If your crew is large, it’s probably a good idea to have someone in charge of tickets, someone in charge of luggage checking/storage, and whatever little jobs you think might need handling along the way. Maybe you can assign an older child a younger child to keep an extra eye on? A travel buddy of sorts. If everyone has an idea of what is expected of them on the trip, the chaos can be kept at a minimum. Keeping your family operating like a well-oiled machine while on the road will not only keep everyone busy with a task but when all hands are on deck, life is just simply easier.

Make Good Use of Your Space

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No matter what form of transportation you are taking, make use of the space in your immediate area. Encourage the kids to use the storage pockets on the airplane seat in front of them. If you lucky enough to get seats next to each other on the plane, lean into each other and take a good nap. If you are traveling in the car, try to keep clutter to a minimum. Whether it’s food wrappers or unnecessary toys your kids have carted along for the ride, try to decrease the amount of stuff where possible. Everyone will need their personal space while traveling so also be respectful of each other’s comfort level and area while on the road.

Following some of these simple tips should keep your family organized while on the road. Traveling can be memorable and easy by doing so.

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