My Weekend Project: Clean the Kitchen Floor

So, once upon a time, my floor was dirty.  I mopped, I scrubbed, I occasionally picked at it with my fingernails, but there the dirt was!  In those tiny little canyons spread all around my flooring.  WHO DESIGNS THESE THINGS??  The dirt kept taunting me!  No matter how many times I mopped it just kept on smiling saying “you’ll never get me!”  I even purchased a brand new scrubber mop/vacuum SURE that it was going to finally do the trick.  The dirt kept on smiling.  Stubborn little suckers they were!

This weekend I was determined that my floor was going to finally be clean.  The dirt was going to be GONE if it broke my back and took the entire weekend.  So I tried several methods.  First I I just started scraping the dirt out of the crevices with a push pin.  I randomly did it here and there, during So You Think You Can Dance, any time I could fit it in.  I was doing one little square at a time, and it was taking FOR-EV-ER.

So I tried tactic #2.  I soaked the floor in about a few centimeters of water and floor cleaner.  I let it soak for a little while, and tried the scrubber mop/vacuum again.  Hoping that the “soak” helped loosen the dirt.  It didn’t.

Tactic #3 – So I took out my scrubber mop (not the vacuum one, but one with an actual scratchy sponge on the end) and started scrubbing again.  Nope.  So I went back to the individual scraping.  This time I was using a corn on the cob holder.  Sometimes I’d use the corn end, sometimes the pointy end.  Just depended on how much dirt I was trying to scrape up.  Again, that was taking FOR-EV-ER, but so far seemed to be the ONLY thing that was working.

Tactic #4 – Since I was losing patience, and my neck was starting to kill me from scraping each individual square with a corn on the cob skewer, I decided to try the soak again.  So I poured water and floor cleaner all over my kitchen floor, and went upstairs to take a shower and let it REALLY soak.  When I came back downstairs I tried the non-vacuum scrubber one more time.  Still nada!  So I took out a scrub brush, and started scrubbing each square.  It was working, and it was faster than the skewer.  So I went with it and scrubbed every single square with the scrub brush on my hands and knees.

After I finally scrubbed the whole floor I put a wax/shine on it, and seriously it looks GORGEOUS!  It took ALL weekend long, but it looks seriously fantastic.  So, if you stop by any time soon, be sure to compliment my floors.  Cause I worked super hard on them all weekend long, and I came out victorious!  Anyone want some corn on the cob?  🙂

New Habit Formed: Mop the floor once a week so it never gets that bad again… ok maybe twice.

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