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10 Adorable Chore Charts You Can Customize!

Letting your kids help out with household chores is an excellent way to teach them all kinds of new skills, including basic life skills and money management skills. In today’s round up, we’re featuring a collection of printable chore charts and chore chart ideas for children of all ages!

Whether you want your teen learn the value of money, or you want to give your preschooler basic house chores, you can find them here!  Don’t miss our complete list of age appropriate chores for kids!

Our top 10 chore chart ideas:

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chore charts

1. Check, Check, Done Chart

While some chore charts like to give you “Pink or blue”, You’ll love how ‘gender neutral’ these printable chore charts are. All you need to do is download it (you’ll get it empty), and just fill it with your child’s chores!

check done chart

2. Picture Chore Chart for Non-Readers

picture chore chart

3. Morning Routine Chart

morning routine chart

4. Little Kid Chore Charts

These printable chore charts are perfect for kids ages 2-4. The chore charts include practical skills that young kids need to learn and master at a young age.  You may also put in a skill or two that your young one can do from start to finish on their own!

little kid chore charts

5. Cookie Sheet Chore Charts

Rewarding your child for doing a chore or completing a set of tasks will give him or her extra motivation to get their chores done even without you telling them what to do!


6. Responsibility Chart

Help teach your child the value of money with this Responsibility Chart is perfect for your kiddo! By giving him or her allowance for doing their chores, you’ll also teach them how to manage money.


7. Household Chore Chart

chore chart

8. Kids’ Punch Cards

These Punch Cards for kids are unique and can be very exciting for children to use. They will definitely be in a rush to finish their chores to get to punch on their cards!


9. Chore List

This Chore List is made visually attractive in order to encourage kids to make good choices and habits!


10. Work-for-Hire Board

This is an amazing way of teaching your kid how to do household chores and how to manage money as well.


Do chore charts work?

Like everything else, learning to do chores is a habit that needs to be built for your child.  Using a chore chart is a great visual way to remind your child of their daily chores!

One idea is to start with just one or two chores a day, and add on as your child gets more comfortable.  We also like to turn our chores into a game to see who can finish them first.  This is something the whole family can do!

Another idea is to also have chore charts for adults that live in the house, so that the children can also see their parents marking off their charts and everyone can join in.  This is a great way to make everyone feel responsible for the smooth running of your home.

Which chore chart is best for me and my family?

We found so many great chore chart ideas, and there isn’t a single best one!  Printable chore charts are a great way to get started, and you can even put them in a page protector and use dry erase markers on them to re-use them.

If you’re new to chore charts, evaluate them on a weekly basis as a family.  It may take you a while to find the perfect one, and you may find that everyone works best with something slightly different.

Don’t forget to also check out our own daily routine chart!

printable chore charts

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