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DIY Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

So you’ve been a little busy and forgot Father’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered with these DIY last minute Father’s Day gift ideas.

At our house June is full of birthdays and anniversaries. Which is why Father’s Day often slips my mind until it’s the last minute.

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No need to fear this year. I have come up with a fantastic list of DIY Father’s Day gifts that will save you in a pinch.

DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Give the Gift of Artwork (Yours or the Kiddos)

There are TONS of ways to give your artwork for Father’s Day. Whether it’s your own personal work or that of the kiddos.

The most obvious would be to give a picture or painting that you create. What dad doesn’t love a picture drawn for him by his children.

Or you could move that artwork onto something useable. Decorating an apron or mug would be a fun DIY gift for any dad.

Want to give them a double whammy? Decorate a frame for them and then put inside that frame a drawing or painting the kids did.

A girl holding up a drawing.
Photo by Jerry Wang on Unsplash

Journal Jar Questions to Write a Personal History

Here is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s a jar full of questions that are on individual strips of paper so that you can pull one question out at a time and answer it.

The questions ask things about growing up. Likes and dislikes, memories from school, and things you have learned through life. Click here to get a list of potential questions.

If you fill the jar with 52 questions then dad can answer one a week. He can write his answers in a journal, type them in a document, tell them to you or even get them on video.

By next Father’s Day you will have helped him to write his own personal history.

Take things one step further and next year compile all his answers with pictures of him and present him with a book about himself. It’s sure to be a winner!

Candy Bar Poster

We are HUGE fans of the candy bar poster around here. It’s where you put candy in place of words when writing a letter. Like, “You are worth 100 GRAND (insert 100 Grand candy bar)”.

Our candy bar poster has evolved over the years. We didn’t always have poster board on hand and had to adapt.

These days we give a candy bag. We still find candy, snacks and drinks that dad will love but we use an index card to write our fun saying that goes with the treat and then we stick that right onto the treat.

You end up with a DIY bag full of yummy things and notes with funny, memorable and meaningful sayings attached.

Origami Shirt

I know, I know, an origami shirt may not sound like a great Father’s Day gift but what if that shirt were made out of MONEY?

You can take any denomination of paper money ($1, $20, $50, etc.) and turn it into the shape of a collared shirt. That way dad gets something creative from you AND the gift of shopping.

Check out these videos to get all the details and instructions. Origami Instructions or Mr Hacker (this one has a tie on the shirt).

Want to take things a step further? You can add some origami pants made out of money as well. You’ll have a whole suit to give your dad on Father’s Day. Kevin Hutson Origami.

This is definitely a gift that can be done at the last minute for Father’s Day.

DIY Coupon Book

I can’t think of anything sweeter than getting a handwritten coupon from one of your kiddos.

You can order a printable like the one below from or make it a complete DIY and create your own.

You and your kids can fill in the blanks with whatever you think your father would like. Some ideas would be a hug, help in the yard, foot rub, or taking out the trash.

Last Minute Lego Jar of Memories

If your house is anything like ours there are Legos EVERYWHERE. Put some of those Legos to good use and make a DIY gift for your father.

Begin by gathering some Legos that are wider on the side because you’ll be writing on them.

Next round up a jar that you can fit a bunch of the Legos into. Lastly, get a permanent marker to write on the Legos with.

Then start writing on the Lego pieces things that you love about your dad or fun memories you’ve had together. It will be such a fun surprise for dad to receive a jar filled with memories!

Homemade Tie

Man wearing mint colored bowtie.
bored Photo by Joice Kelly on Unsplash

This one is for all you crafty people out there. Nothing says Father’s Day like a tie and your can DIY your own tie (or bowtie) for dad.

It’s as simple as following this video from the Online Fabric Store (for a bowtie) or this one for a regular necktie.

Fill In the Blank Card

Often for Mother’s or Father’s Day the kids will bring home a fill in the blank card for us.

The card always asks fun questions like, “What’s your dad’s favorite food?” or, “What does your dad say the most?”.

Cards like this give us parents an insight into how our child sees us. Personally these are my favorite thing to receive.

So bring on your creative side and create a fill in the blank for you and the kids to fill out about dad.

Not feeling super creative yourself? You can get a free printable at The Girl Creative.

Father’s Day comes around once a year and we want to make sure dad feels special and loved. You can do that even if it’s last minute! Just pick one of these DIY last minute Father’s Day gift ideas and put your own special spin on his Father’s Day gift this year.

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