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How to Keep Teens Busy in the Summer

If you have teenagers you know how bored they can get. Keep your teens busy in the summer with these great ideas.

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While summer is a great time for kids to get out play, have adventures and see friends it can also get a bit stagnant for older kids. Teenagers can get restless or ornery when/if they have little to do. Parents of teens here are some fun ways to keep your teens busy this summer!

Neighborhood Helper

Many people have a belief that teenagers no longer want to mow lawns, do odd jobs or babysit for a little extra cash, but it’s just not true. Talk to your teen and see if they might be interested in making a little extra money while home during the summer. Sit down and brainstorm some services they are offer and a fair rate. For example, most babysitters nation wide make about $15/hour. Help them make flyers to hand out in your neighborhood for jobs they are available to perform. Some teens can really make some money doing this type of work! The nice thing about this is your teen can make his/her own schedule, that way they aren’t spending their whole summer working. Yet, it will also keep them busy enough to not get bored!

Acts of Kindness

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Teaching teenagers respect, kindness and the importance of giving back can be very tricky! All of these are important to teach them during their formative years. One way you can do this while also keeping them busy is through volunteering. There are many opportunities to give back during the summer! Talk to your teen about what causes are important to them or perhaps an area that interests them for future career possibilities. A simple Google search can pull up names of nursing homes, animal shelters, hospitals, local charities etc that allow people to volunteer their time. Have your teenager call them up and ask about what is involved to sign up as a volunteer. Perhaps this is something you could even do with them or they could do with a group of friends?

It’s important to remind your child that volunteering is serious business. They should treat it like a job and act professional, show up on time and be courteous. Also, while volunteering is good for the soul, it can also be used as professional work experience for future college and job applications as well.

Learn Something New

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Summer can be a great time for older kids to learn something new. While the idea of learning anything outside of school can sound like a real drag, some kids enjoy learning and are genuinely curious in some topics. Many workshops, internships and apprenticeships are available for teens to take advantage of. Devoting summer to learn just one skill they can use for the rest of their life will be extremely beneficial. This can be almost anything from learning how to change a flat tire to perfecting a specific craft. The possibilities are endless and like they always say, “knowledge is power.”

Helping on the Homefront

Adding more household responsibilities to your teen’s chore list can easily be done during the summer time. Try to make it beneficial to everyone by offering a higher allowance or giving them credit for taking further steps towards adulthood. Some examples could include, watching younger siblings, doing their own laundry or making dinner for the family one night a week. 


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