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Space Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Now that you have decided on what kind of party theme you want, it’s time to plan out all the fun little details. If you have a kiddo who is obsessed with the solar system, or loves everything about rocket ships, then they will adore all of these Space Themed Party Ideas.

With so many things to choose from, you’ll have your whole party theme and all the little details planned out in no time.

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But first things first, you have to have the perfect space birthday invitation to send out to all of your party guests. You can transform any regular invitations to space-themed party invites by adding planets and stars and even a rocket ship sticker.

Space Themed Party Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a space party for your older child or your birthday boy’s first trip around the sun party (first birthday party), this is such a fun theme, everyone will love it.

There are even great ideas that you can use for your little girl who loves the space system and is all about planet Earth, the stars, moon, and other planets.

Make sure to pick the perfect party venue for your outer space theme party and then you can decorate it up easily with all our of our great party decor ideas we share below.

We have a ton of space themed games and ideas to keep the kids entertained and busy below. I think our favorite ideas have to be building and decorating a space ship and catching all of the extraterrestrial aliens with the hula hoops. Check out these fun party games and all of our other ideas we have shared, below.

Space Themed Party Food and Drink Ideas

Plates and cutlery. Serve your food on these Galaxed themed party plates, drinks, and napkins. They’re a fun option and can go with any other kind of space decor. Here’s another plate set with other serving options and decor, but this time, with more of a solar system theme- such a fun way to show off your little astronauts favorite thing.

Cupcake tower. Store all your space-themeed birthday party cupckaes on this 3 tiered rocket ship shaped cupcake tower. Next to the cake, it will be the hit of the dessert table.

Galaxy cake. Make a galaxy themed and decorated cake with our easy recipe (coming soon). This cake design will fit any other themed outer space party supplies you have on hand and you can add this cute rocket candle on top of the cake.

Spaceman Birthday Candle Outer Space Theme Rocket Candle for Birthday Party Childrens Day Baby Shower (Rocket)

Ice cream. You have to serve astronaut ice cream with your space themed birthday cake. This is another unique thing and fun idea to serve that most kids won’t have had before, and even if they have, they surely didn’t have it at a friends birthday party!

Make some candied popcorn. This popcorn recipe is super easily customized to match any and every birthday party theme. The colors can be changed out to any color to fit your themed parties.

More space themed snacks. We have some more party snacks that are incredibly easy to change the colors on to fit any birthday theme. If you’re looking for fun outer space birthday party theme snacks, then you need to check out the above mentioned popcorn, our decorated rice krispie treats, fun to eat cake pops, and easily decorated in no time, colored chocolate pretzel rods. These party snacks are totally something everyone will love and they truly are super simple to make and to match any party theme.

Space Themed Party Supplies & Decorations

Decor. Get a whole party decoration and supplies set here that includes cake toppers, a table cloth, some party banners, hangers, and more. It’s a great way to check all the decoration items off your list, knowing they’ll all coordinate together without breaking the bank.

Outdoor door signs. Let everybody know where to enter to come into the space party by decorating the outside door of your house or party venue. These hanging door display is adorable and has the planets and the moon all displayed to set the theme of the party by the entrance door.

Party balloons. There’s also a balloon set, complete with rocket ship, and the Happy Birthday word balloons, and more. Or you could grab this party set of balloons that includes the beautiful balloon arch setup.

JOYYPOP Outer Space Balloon Garland Kit 118Pcs Outer Space Party Decorations with UFO Rocket Astronaut Balloons Sparkling Star Garland for Space Themed Birthday Party Supplies

Tablecloth. If you don’t get a table cloth in one of your party supply bags, or you need an extra, this fun shooting star tablecloth would be a great option to use for your space themed birthday party.

Hanging planets. Decorate the place up and really give your guests the vibe that they’re in outer space with these dangling, hanging spiny planet decorations. With the twirly hanging planets, everyone will feel like they’re enjoying some time away from our planet.

Space Themed Party Activities

Snap a pic. Let everyone snap a picture in from of the picture backdrop, perfect for any space theme party space!

Build rockets and space ships. Save all of your cardboard boxes leading up to the party and you can have the kids build cardboard space shuttles! Everyone can build their own rocket or they can work in teams to create a space station. It’s a unique and fun party activity that they probably haven’t done at a birthday party before.

Bean bag toss. Grab this bean bag toss game for a great option for the kids to expend some energy all while sticking to your party theme. While this game is kind of like toss across, it’s a vertical board with different moon rocks, and a space ship on it. Each item is worth a different amount of points for you to try to win by throwing your bean bags through the decorated hole in the board.

Pinata. Every good party deserves a good, fun, goody filled pinata! This adorable rocket shaped pinata would be perfect for any age party. You’re never too old to play hit the pinata.

Pull String Rocket Ship Pinata for Outer Space Themed Party Supplies, Astronaut Birthday Decorations (Small, 16.5 x 12.5 x 3 In)

Capture the aliens. This is a fun and simple game to throw together. All you have to do is find all of the alien balloons that you can and blow them up. Tie them down so they stand up towards the ground rather than floating in the air. Then grab a hula hoop and stand from afar and toss the hula hoop at the alien balloons and see how many aliens you can capture. You could have everybody try on their own and see how well they do. Or you can get all the kids together, divide the aliens into two spaces and divide your kids into two teams and see how fast they can capture all the aliens. This is a great way to get all the the kids to play together and keep all the busy hands busy playing together.

Pin the tail. This time, instead of playing pin the tail on the donkey, you can play pin the mask on the astronaut. To do this, have a space on your wall or door that you can hang the background up on and then use the eye mask to cover the kids eyes while they try to place the mask on the astronauts face while in the space suit.

Thank you party bags. Send off your party guests with smiling faces when they see these cute party favors in the space themed bags. Add all your favorite space-themed birthday party goodies in the goody bag and let your guests enjoy. This pack has slap bracelets, stickers, temporary tattoos, keychains, and more. It has all of what the little boys will go crazy for!

Need some more goodie bag inspiration? Try adding these slap bracelet and space themed stickers. Every kid loves playing with stickers and slap bracelets are still always a hit.

Here’s another party bag complete set with boxes to put the goodies in- more bracelets, necklaces, stamps, squish balls, other keychains, necklaces, and so much more.

Don’t want traditional party favor bags? No problem, add your goodies to these adorable Galaxy party drawstring bags for a fun touch.

With all of these fun idea for your kids’ birthday party, you are sure to have a fun, amazing outer space birthday party. Let us know what your favorite out space party idea was or feel free to share something we haven’t added yet to our party list in the comments below. Let us know what your adorable astronaut loved the most!

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