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15 Cupcakes Kids Will Go Crazy for!

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Cupcakes are munchkin-sized treats that can easily be dressed up to suit all occasions. Whether it’s for your child’s birthday party, or you just want to surprise them with adorable and delicious cupcakes, there are tons of children’s cupcakes you can choose from.

15 Cupcakes Kids Will Go Crazy for

Here are some of the best ones you can make!

1. Minion Cupcakes

These minion cupcakes are fun, delicious, and super easy to make!

2. Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Kids definitely love cotton candy, and turning this sweet-treat into cupcakes will certainly make your kids crazy.

3. Monkey Cupcakes

If your child enjoys eating animal faces, this cupcake recipe is what you need to make!

4. Butterfly Cupcakes

You won’t believe how easy it is to make these cupcakes! They’re not just cute, but super tasty as well.

5. Rainbow Cupcakes

The festive colors of these cupcakes may have caught your attention, but wait until you get a taste of these sweet mini cakes that actually taste like sugar cookies!

6. Wafer Cookie Fairy House Cupcakes

These cupcakes look very complicated and difficult to make, but they’re actually not! This is actually a recipe you can enjoy making with your little ones.

7. Sheep Cupcakes

The marshmallows used in these cupcakes make them even more delicious and fun to eat. Definitely a must-try if you haven’t tried making cupcakes at home!

8. Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes

Ice cream sundae and cupcake in one? Who would say no to that?!

9. Elmo Cupcakes

There’s no way this list won’t include Elmo cupcakes! And don’t think for a second that these mini cakes are hard to make, because they’re not!

10. Reindeer Cupcakes

Reindeer cupcakes are a big hit today, particularly because it’s the holiday season!

11. Frog Cupcakes

I bet your kids will be hopping around the house of happiness when they see and get a taste of these adorable frog cupcakes!

12. Poop Emoji Cupcakes

This emoji may look disgusting at first, but for some reason, you’re gonna smile just looking at them!

13. Sea Otter Cupcakes

Inspired by the cute otters in the Finding Dory movie, these sea otter cupcakes are excellent for birthday and even Christmas parties!

14. Angry Bird Cupcakes

These angry bird cupcakes will surely be a hit not only to kids, but even adults as well!

15. Santa Cupcakes

And last, but definitely not the least, we have the Santa cupcakes! Christmas won’t be complete without Santa, so these cupcakes must be on your list of Christmas dinner menu.


15 Cupcakes Kids Will Go Crazy for








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