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Forget The Gym With These Online Workouts

I’m not a fan of the gym. If gym fees aren’t enough then you have to drive there. Ugh! So forget the gym with these online workouts.

I am no exercise expert but I do love being efficient and thrifty. These online workouts are efficient because I can do them from home and watch them on my iPad, smartphone, or laptop anywhere in my house. And they are FREE (super thrifty). There are TONS of online free workouts out there. Today I’ll give you my top 5 favorites and you can forget the gym with these online workouts.


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This 10 minute Popsugar arm workout is awesome. It uses 5lbs and 3lb. weights but I adjust it to more or less weights depending on the day. The end of the video has you doing triceps while laying on the floor and this is the best tricep workout ever! If you only have a few minutes at home and want a well rounded arm workout try this Andrea Orbeck Popsugar workout.

Fat Burning Cardio Workout

Fitness Blender is a great site for free online workouts. Each workout is labeled with what it targets and how long the workout lasts. If you have 10min there is a workout for that. Got an hour? There’s one for that too. Lately I’m obsessed with their fat burning cardio workout (37Min). Jump on their site and look around. You are sure to find something to meet your exercise needs and you can forget about the gym.

Fitness Blender


Rebecca Louise is another go to for forget the gym online workouts. She has a workout called “The 7 Best Ab Exercises”. It’s under 10 minutes long and is sure to hit all your trouble areas in the ab region. Want more than 10 min. of abs. Add in another ab workout with her “Abs Bootcamp Workout-Intense flat stomach exercises”.


Teddy Bass is Cameron Diaz’s trainer. Enough said. He has an amazing leg workout on Popsugar. It’s only 10min. long (combine it with some of the other workouts if you are needing a longer workout) but will leave you sore. It’s a lot of squatting and lunging. All those things we need to do to have strong lean legs. Give it a try to change up your exercise routine.

10 Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit

I love me some Andrea Orbeck, celebrity trainer, workouts so here is another from Popsugar. Again it’s a 10min. workout and it targets the full body. It’s also advertised as a Victoria’s Secret Model workout. So there’s that.

There you have it. My 5 favorite online workouts. Somedays I can only squeeze one 10 min. workout in. Most days I like to mix and match my workouts. All the sites (Popsugar, Fitness Blender, and Rebecca Louise) have longer workouts as well. I just have a short attention span so changing it up often works well for me. So forget the gym with these online workouts. They are free and convenient so hop off the couch and get exercising!

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