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Spongebob Party Ideas

Plan the best Spongebob Party that Bikini Bottom has ever seen with all of these Spongebob Party Ideas. Surprise your Spongebob obsessed kiddo with a super fun Spongebob birthday party that they’ll remember for years to come. We’ve made the party planning easy with all of these food and drink ideas, supplies, decorations and party activities for your upcoming party.

In this post, you’ll find all the best party supplies, decoration ideas, activities, and food and drinks that even Mr. Krabs would approve of. We’ll help you plan out all the big pieces of your Spongebob theme, even the perfect shirt for the birthday girl or birthday boy!

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Planning the perfect birthday party for your child does not have to be stressful or difficult. We have so many different party themes for you to choose from. We have other boy party themes, and girl party themes, but if you have a child who loves Spongebob and all of his crazy friends, then you must keep reading to find out about all of these fun Spongebob party tips and tricks.

Spongebob Party Ideas

Invite all your party guests to the best day to celebrate your birthday star with these fun party invitations. 

Spongebob Invitation Cards – 20 Fill-in Invites for Kids Birthday Bash and Theme Party, 10X15 CM, Postcard Style

We have all the fun ideas to transform your party space into the perfect party place for everyone in Bikini Bottom- even Squidward and Sandy Cheeks would approve!

Despite many rumors over the years, the iconic Spongebob Squarepants show will not be getting cancelled, at least not this year. It was renewed for yet another season in March of 2022. After over 23 years, this cartoon character and all his friends are still making mischief and causing havoc all over Bikini Bottom. Did you know the first episode of Spongebob Squarepants aired on May 1, 1999.

Spongebob is still loved by so many kids, even after over 2 decades on television and a movie on the big screen. Everyone still sings along anytime they hear… ” Ooooh who lives in a pineapple under the sea?…” I’m sure you just sang the next part of the song in your head.

These Spongebob Party Ideas are great for setting up a party at your house and can even be used if you’re throwing a party at a different location or venue.

So, lets check out all of these fun ways to prepare for your upcoming Spongebob Birthday party!

Spongebob Party Food and Drink Ideas

Main dish idea: We all know how much Spongbob likes his pizza and he took his pizza delivery job very seriously in season 1. Make pineapple shaped homemade pizza by shaping your pizza dough into a pineapple and place your sauce, cheese, and toppings on appropriately and serve it along with other snacks on the food table. This pizza will be almost too cute to eat! (Get everything you need to know about making pizza at a party here!)

Krabby Patty it up: If you aren’t feeling like pizza, then you must make your own Krabby Patties to serve for your guests. All you need is your favorite burger recipe and make a cute little Krusty Krab sign to display next to your burgers. Don’t forget to serve your Krabby Patties with all the best burger toppings.

Drinks: Store your drinks in this cooler with a palm tree in the middle to really set the Bikini Bottom Spongbob party vibe! Then serve them in fun drink cups.

Cake: Dress up your classic birthday cake with these fun cake decorating pieces and if you have the kids in the right age for it, pass out the Spongebob party hats for them to wear as they sing Happy Birthday. Don’t forget that many grocery store bakeries and other local bakeries offer many various Spongebob cakes at very affordable prices. You could even jazz up a classic sheet cake with some cute Spongebob cake toppers.

You can make cupcakes instead of a cake and use these cupcake toppers to decorate them.

24x Cupcake Topper Picks (Spongebob)

Spongebob Party Supplies & Decorations

There are a ton of Spongebob party decorations out there, but we gathered up a few of our favorite ways to decorate to craft the best birthday party ever!

Get the full party decoration kit (Happy Birthday banner, ballons, Spongebob plates, cutlery, cupcake toppers, and more) with all your favorite characters. You could also just use the balloon set that has Happy Birthday balloons, Patrick and Spongebob-themed balloons and more!

Alternatively, you could just grab paper plates and paper bowls with a simple design, or just yellow ones to serve your food on.

On each party table, you can use a decorative tablecloth and these fun pineapple centerpieces. A Spongebob party wouldn’t be complete without spongebob’s pineapple home!

LYART 6 Pcs 14 Inch Pineapple Decorations for Tropical Flamingo Party Summer Hawaiian Luau Party Pineapple Honeycomb Tissue Centerpieces for tables Hanging Decorations Favors, s-52

If you want more than just banners, balloons and signs to decorate your party with, then you have to try hanging these adorable Pineapple Lights around your party area or these colorful jellyfish lanterns to really enhance the party space. These paper lanterns are cute and multifunctional and could even be used again at a Mermaid party.

Spongebob Party Activities

Here are a few fun party games to play with your guests at your upcoming party.

Bowling: Set up an area to play Spongbob bowling. It’s great for a wide range of ages and an easy way to get all the kids up interacting and having fun together.

Race: Get the kids outside and playing with an old fashioned potato sack race. These fun Spongebob themed potato sacks will surely have everyone laughing and having a good time as they jump and make their way to the finish line for some fun prizes. It’s an awesome way to have the kids expel some extra energy after they just munched on the sugary cake.

Photos to remember the party: Find a nice big wall or blank area to hang this Spongebob photo backdrop so you and your guests can take fun pictures of spongebob and all his friends in Bikini Bottom with some silly props.

Play with a Pinata: Hang a Pirate Booty Treasure Chest Pinata for the party guests and the birthday party honoree to take turns hitting until all the Krabby Patties and other goodies fall out. Fill it with candy and other fun goodies and watch all of the kids have a great time taking a swing at the pinata. There’s even a big Spongebob shaped one- perfect to find the Spongebob party theme.

Favor party bags:

While you could just scour the Oriental Trading catalog or the Dollar Store to find some party favors, here are some other fun ideas too.

Build the best party favors for your guests. Add some of  favors (stickers, keychains, popits, bracelets, temporary tattoos, etc) into the gift bags or Pirate Treasure Chest favor bags. Add one of these big Spongebob Stickers party favor books to your goodie bags.

There are so many Spongebob themed party favors out there, the list we could share would be a mile long, but these are our favorite favors to give to our party guests as they make their way out of the party and on their way home to continue a little Spongebob fun while leaving.

With all of these ideas to use for your little Spongebob fans upcoming birthday, I’m sure you’ve found a few great ideas to add to their Spongebob-themed party. What are you excited to set up most at your upcoming birthday party? What do you think your Spongebob loving kid is going to love the most?

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