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12 Tempting Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Boards for At-Home Dates

Whether you celebrate with a spouse or the whole family, are planning a date night or a Galentine’s Party, these Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Boards make it easy to stay home and have a memorable stay-at-home Valentine’s date.

10 delicious valentine's charcuterie boards in text with thumbnail images of some of the boards

Heart-shaped foods (like these amazing Valentine dessert ideas) are fun on their own, but add them to a charcuterie board and it takes it to a whole other level.

What is a Valentine’s Charcuterie Board?

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A charcuterie board is typical a grazing board that features a wide array of edible delights such as meats, cheeses, nuts, or other foods.

A Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Board takes that idea and infuses it with love—from adding lots of colorful items in reds, pinks and whites, to piling on desserts, chocolates and other items that invoke the sweet spirit of the holiday.

Depending on your plans and preference, you could create a simple charcuterie board out of snacks from around the house, arrange one for an appetizer at a Galentine’s event, or make individual charcuterie boards for a socially distant Valentine’s party.

Tip: If making one for a party, try making a DIY Martini Bar at home for some pretty pink martinis!

We love the idea of adding treats to a charcuterie board for the holiday of love, so a Valentine’s Dessert charcuterie board would also be perfect for a dessert bar or a fun afternoon snack for kids after school!

You could even just arrange one for some bites to eat while doing some of these fun educational Valentine’s Day activities.

Here are yummy charcuterie boards for Valentine’s Day that are easy to put together, beautiful to look at, and delicious to eat!

Valentine's Day Charcuterie Boards

Sweet or Savory these Valentine's Day Charcuterie Boards are perfect for a stay-at-home date night, a fun family snack, or for a lovely little expression of love for anyone!

Pro Tips for Making a Valentine’s Grazing Board Extra Festive:

While you certainly do not have to go all out for your board, adding a few fun special touches will elevate your dish and make it all the more festive:

  • Arrange food items on a heart shaped platter or round cutting board for a softer shape.
  • Use your charcuterie as the centerpiece to a Valentine’s tablescape with mini candle holders, flowers, or other holiday decor.
  • Easily add chocolate or candy-covered items to you board: simply melt chocolate or candy melts in the microwave, dip the fruit or other item in, and set to harden. Pretzels, pretzel rods, strawberries, and graham crackers all make for simple snacks that cover well!
  • Short on time? Hit up the supermarket to purchase a few packages of Valentine’s themed treats, or buy pre-made appetizer trays. You can always take out the items and arrange them on a cutting board or platter for a homemade look!

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