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What Can I Put In My Mop Water To Make My House Smell Good?

Have you ever walked into someone’s home only to be greeted with clean and pleasant smells? This may leave you wondering whether your house smells as good and what you can do to create a welcoming and pleasant scent for your guests. What can you put in your mop water to make your home smell good?

Oils such as Lavender, Wild orange, Lemon, Tea Tree, Pine, and Peppermint have effective cleaning properties and will leave your home smelling good. Grapefruit, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, and Thyme essential oils in your mop water will effectively clean your floors, leaving a pleasant smell in your home.

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Most store-bought floor cleaners contain harmful chemicals, so why not make your own solution for your mop water to leave your house smelling hygienic and clean? If you’re looking for some of the best ways to make your house smell good after mopping, this article is for you!

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Using Your Mop Water To Make Your House Smell Good

If you think about your favorite smells, harsh chemical smells will probably be at the bottom of your list. 

Commercial floor cleaners have a distinct chemical smell that will stick around in your home for short periods, and they don’t always have a pleasant smell. 

Not only are these commercial fragrant cleaners filled with harmful chemicals, but their cost is simply too high. 

Therefore, by using other ingredients, such as essential oils you might already have in your home, you’ll create a strong and long-lasting scent in your home that will be easier on your budget and won’t be harmful to you or the environment you live in.

Essential Oils In Mop Water To Make Your House Smell Good

Did you know that different essential oils have different cleaning properties? The same goes for other household cleaners. It largely depends on what you need to clean with your mop water and what smells you want to release in your home! 

Let’s take a look:

Putting Lavender Essential Oil In Your Mop Water

If you love the sweet smell of Lavender in your home, you’ll be happy to hear you only need a few drops of Lavender in your mop water to transfer the smell to the rest of your home. 

Lavender doesn’t only smell good in any home, but it’s also antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, and an effective insect repeller. On top of this, lavender oil is also cost-effective and readily available.

To use Lavender essential oils to turn your mop more ware into an effective and fragrant floor cleaner, you’ll need about 5 to 10 drops of oil along with 4 cups of hot water. 

You may also add a teaspoon of liquid dish soap to get the satisfying foaming action on your floor and half a cup of rubbing alcohol to fight any germs.

Putting Wild Orange Essential Oil In Your Mop Water

Another popular ingredient in loads of household cleaners is orange. Citrus is known to make the floor sparkling clean, and when you use the essential oil in your mop water, you are sure to have a long-lasting clean fragrance throughout your home. 

Wild Orange essential oil is a natural germ fighter, is antibacterial and antifungal, and can easily lift any grease or glue that may be stuck on your floors. 

If you simply add one or two drops of Wild Orange essential oil in a gallon of water, along with some rubbing alcohol and dishwashing soap, you’ll see the orange working its magic on your floors. 

Wild orange essential oil is also packed with sweetness and freshness! You’ll enjoy walking into your home if your floors are freshly mopped with this solution!

Putting Lemon Essential Oil In Your Mop Water

You may be familiar with the clean and enlightening scent of lemon. If you love lemons, you can mix the essential oil with your mop water to grab the good smell in your home! Lemon essential oil is a huge component of many household cleaning recipes. 

Lemon is naturally antiviral, antibacterial by default, refreshing, and of course, smells great! All you need to create the perfect bucket of fragrant mop water is one gallon of hot water, along with some dishwashing soap and ten drops of your lemon essential oil. 

By only using these three elements, you can clean any oily or greasy floors and get rid of stains without breaking the bank on commercial floor cleaners. Additionally, if your floor has an unpleasant smell, the lemon essential oil will fix these smells instantly!

Putting Tea Tree Essential Oil In Your Mop Water

Tea tree oil is used for many things, including skincare and health purposes, and is a highly effective and potent-smelling cleaning agent. 

Use tea tree essential oil in your mop water to pair a clean home with one of the best smells. Tea tree oil can fight against bacteria, viruses, and other germs, making your home a safe and healthy space. 

Suppose you have any foreign or bad odors in your home coming from your kitchen waste, bin, or anything else. In that case, tea tree essential oil can also help you with that. 

To effectively use tea tree essential oil in your mop water, mix 10 to 15 drops with water and mop away! By mopping your home’s floors with tea tree oil, you will eliminate odors and disinfect the surface to make it child- or pet-friendly. 

Tea tree essential oil can fight and lift mildew and mold effortlessly while preventing any fungal compounds. As you can see, there are many benefits of using tea tree essential oil in your mopwater, and it will do so much more than just leave your home smelling great!

Putting Pine Essential Oil In Your Mop Water

Pine essential oil is a highly effective disinfectant in your home, and on top of drops in your mopwater, you can use them on your kitchen counter and even in your bathroom! You simply need to add 50 drops of essential pine oil into a gallon of hot water and mop away! 

If you prefer, you can mix your essential pine oil with dishwashing soap to put some sparkle on your floor’s surface!

Putting Peppermint Essential Oil In Your Mop Water

Peppermint essential oil is used for many things, so why not add them to your mop water? Many people use peppermint essential oil to clean their homes, as it’s a natural spider, ant, and other small insect repellant. 

Peppermint essential oil won’t only release a refreshing, invigorating smell in your home but also has antibacterial properties, which are crucial for a clean and healthy home. 

All you need is 5 to 10 drops of peppermint essential oil, with about one and a half cups of hot water. You may also add dishwashing soap to remove stubborn residue build-up or grease stains on your floors!

Putting Grapefruit Essential Oil In Your Mop Water

While the smell of grapefruit may smell enticing in your mop water, the smell won’t stop there. Grapefruit essential oil has a long-lasting effect on your home, and you only need a few ingredients to turn it into an effective cleaner. 

Along with one gallon of steaming water, four tablespoons of baking soda, and 10 to 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil will do the trick! 

Baking soda eliminates harsh and stubborn stains on any floor surface and kills any germs and bacteria. If you want the best value out of your grapefruit essential oil, why not wipe your kitchen counter with the solution before using it to mop your home? 

Grapefruit has great bacteria and mildew elimination properties, and it will leave your kitchen smelling great along with the rest of your home too!

Putting Eucalyptus Oil In Your Mop Water

Eucalyptus oil is one of the most successful and well-known essential oils on the market. Eucalyptus essential oil is cost-effective and readily available, and there is something deeply soothing about its smell in your home, which is exactly what makes this cleaner so popular! Eucalyptus oil is often used in beauty treatments and spas, so your home will seem more relaxing than ever! 

On top of this, eucalyptus essential oil has many cleaning compounds, such as being a natural disinfectant, and I’ll degrease your floors, leaving them smooth and shiny! 

To use eucalyptus essential oil as an organic cleaner, you can combine 5 to 10 drops with half a cup of boiling water from your kettle. 

Add roughly one and a half cups of baking soda and half a cup of unscented dish soap to create your own effective floor cleaner. 

Many prefer to add about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to this recipe, as it will assist in disinfecting any germs and bacteria even further.

Putting Cinnamon Essential Oil In Your Mop Water

Cinnamon oil won’t only create a comforting and warm aroma in your home, but when you use a few drops of this oil in your mopwater, it’ll help eliminate any bad smells naturally. 

A cinnamon essential oil can help you ward off pests in your home, as pests dislike the smell you will enjoy on your floors! 

Cinnamon will help to fight against the growth of mildew and mold and exhibits antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which are crucial for any clean and fragrant home.

Putting Thyme Essential Oil In Your Mop Water

Thyme oil has strong cleaning properties along with a calming scent. Thyme has strong antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, making it perfect for your mopwater to clean your floors and spread the scent throughout your home. 

Simply pour ten to fifteen drops in hot water, and make your house smell like never before!

Safety Information About Using Essential Oils In Mop Water

Although essential oils are perfect for placing in your mop water to make your home smell hygienic and clean, you must keep a few crucial things in mind. Essential oils should never be taken internally, and if they come into direct contact with your skin if not correctly diluted, they could cause allergic reactions. 

Always dilute your chosen essential oil in water before using it on your floors, and use them with caution if you have any pets. Even the tiniest amounts could be toxic to them, as a scent that may be mild and pleasant to the human nose could be potent and cause health concerns in pets. 

It would therefore be best to check with your local vet before using essential oils in your home, especially on your floors, as they could cause skin irritation in dogs. 

Keep in mind that you need to store your essential oils in a safe place where pets and children can’t get hold of it, as essential oils are toxic to pets and children, and when ingested, action should be taken immediately.

Additionally, if you are pregnant or have particular health concerns or conditions, essential oils might not be the ideal choice in your home. Even if you do your best to dilute essential oils as stated on the label correctly, the potent smell could also harm you.

Lastly, always purchase organic essential oils as far as possible. This is especially crucial if you use them in your home and your mop water. Always check the label on your chosen essential oil bottle. Ideally, it should say the oil is 100% pure and organic.

 You would also want the ingredients on the label to list only the essential oil, as many manufacturers cut essential oils with other oils or preservatives. 

This way, you can rest assured knowing your essential oil won’t contain any synthetic counterparts and has not been diluted or mixed with unknown substances.


Using essential oils in your mop water will guarantee a pleasant and good smell throughout your home. Different essential oils are effective cleaners in different ways, and they will help you to achieve that pleasant and clean home that’s sure to blow your guests away!

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